Are you a student willing to improve your sustainable management competencies and considering a career in sustainability, or a business professional looking to benefit from the circular transition? Or maybe you are a teacher/trainer looking for interesting materials for your students in sustainable management. If your answer is yes, you are in a good place to broaden your knowledge and become an expert in sustainability, sustainable management, circular economy and sustainable production.

Nowadays, the world is facing a transition into sustainability and circularity. People are forced to seek more ecologically friendly, sustainable practices due to resource depletion and climate change. Due to this, we are pleased to present one of the TOO4TO project outputs: e-learning modules and materials, which aims to increase learners’ skills, competence and awareness of tools and methods that can provide sustainable management in an organisational context. They are prepared according to the framework presented in the TOO4TO Training Curriculum and based on recent information gathered and collected in the Dynamic Material Bank.

Module 1: Introduction to Sustainability and Sustainable Management

The purpose of this introductory module is to make students gain general knowledge and awareness on sustainability and sustainable management, and thereby help them become not only responsible individuals themselves but also change agents in their workplaces for sustainability.

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Module 6: Circular Economy, Economics & Sustainability, Sustainable Production

This module will familiarize students with the new business models and strategies in the context of circular economy, economy and sustainability, as well as sustainable production. They will be provided with the materials and tools that can be used to design, implement and successfully manage the actions taken in the companies, cities and regions to become more sustainable. Students will get the knowledge in the context of circularity and sustainability. They will understand the needs, benefits, opportunities and challenges related to a circular and sustainable economy.

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The above modules and their learning contents have been piloted twice during the TOO4TO project’s implementation in 2022-2023 by its participating HEIs. Other HEIs are welcome to use both modules as a base to create their teaching materials for similar modules. Teachers interested in acquiring the modules’ Moodle versions can request them by email. In addition to the presentation materials, the Moodle versions contain infographics, quizzes, and other complementary teaching materials.

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