Global Impact Grid (GIG) is a global advisory network within the Sustainability and Impact realm, focused on fostering synergies as well as helping innovative projects grow and scale within Europe and beyond. A Sustainability approach, considering social, environmental and economic elements, is indispensable for lasting prosperity. With our knowledge and experience of over 10 years in the field, we aim to integrate principles of Sustainability in all our activities and projects, and to optimize the positive Impact generated in our focus areas.

Our current work and projects focus on two areas within Sustainability and Impact framework:

Future of Work

New (digital) technologies and globalisation, global pandemic as well as the climate crisis, have transformed the way we live and work. Sustainability is an indispensable feature of the Future of Work and guides our projects dealing with the design of business innovations, future jobs and skill-sets.

Access to Funds

Flow of funds for Impact projects is essential for achieving global sustainable development. We understand the requirements of future investments and grants on Sustainability and develop our projects with the right components to access the funds.

GIG Responsibilities

In the framework of the TOO4TO project, GIG will be the leading partner for the creation of the second intellectual output, the Training Curriculum. Apart from that, it will contribute to the creation of other intellectual outputs and project deliverables, as well as dissemination activities.

Working closely with start-ups and SMEs, GIG will bring in the practical-application / industry perspective to the TOO4TO project. Also, while working on the project activities and reaching out to target groups (including teachers and students), GIG will be in constant contact with the associate partner of TOO4TO project, Steinbeis University Berlin – Institute Corporate Responsibility Management (ICRM).


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Key persons:        Ela Kurtcu, Boris Bulatovic, Vanna Vadivan Gopal