TOO4TO Training Curriculum, in connection with the Dynamic Material Bank, targets university students and teachers, as well as non-academic trainers and practitioners. It provides a training framework for sustainability and sustainable management and offers ways to learn up-to-date knowledge and trends in the field. Teachers at academic and tertiary levels of education can transfer the training curriculum to their use as a whole or integrate parts of it into their existing study programs of various disciplines.

The Training Curriculum is an open-access result of the TOO4TO project: The entire curriculum (original version, in English), as well as the summaries in partner languages (Finnish, German, Lithuanian and Polish), can be accessed below.



As an innovative approach to teaching, the requirements of Innovation Pedagogy (INNOPEDA®) have been taken into account while developing the TOO4TO Training Curriculum. The Innopeda cornerstones are intended to facilitate students’ learning process, develop the learners’ innovation competencies, and provide students with the opportunity to work on real-life sustainability assignments.

Read more about Innopeda:

Innovation Pedagogy map and a link to Innopeda webpage

The Training Curriculum presents an introductory module, “Introduction to Sustainability and Sustainable Management”, as well as six topic-specific modules covering subjects ranging from “Artificial Intelligence and Sustainability” to “Circular Economy”. In this way, it touches upon the issues covered by all 17 UN SDGs, especially in the introductory module, where UN SDGs is covered as a topic on its own.

As the interconnectedness of UN SDGs proves, the complexity of the sustainability problems we experience today exceeds borders between countries and occupations. In many sustainability projects, the engagement of international, multidisciplinary teams is needed. Considering this, TOO4TO Training Curriculum integrates the development of virtual team leadership and sustainable leadership skills into its module structures.

 An image showing the modules created for the TOO4TO project's working-life training curriculum